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Salon Policy Update

💐Firstly we need to say a massive Thankyou to all our amazing clients for following our salon’s covid policies we have had in place during this time

We know from this week that wearing a mask is completely optional in shops, and we think it’s great the world will be getting back to some sort of normality. 🌸

However as a salon that takes hygiene and our employees health and safety very seriously🦠

We will still be asking clients to respect our choice for continuing to wear masks . Not all treatments will require wearing a mask but if we are doing a close contact service (on your face, or a close face to face treatment for a long period of time) we will be asking you to kindly wear a mask if possible, we will continue to provide disposable masks if needed or you can wear your own .

We will also be wearing face coverings and we will still ask all clients to wash their hands on arrival.

Myself and Gina haven’t had both our vaccines yet (due to pregnancy)

So if a client comes in with covid (not knowing).

We would be required to close the salon and isolate for at least 10 days.

As you can imagine this is the last thing we would want to happen, especially being so short staffed!

We understand it’s your choice to wear a mask or not but it is also our choice if we don’t want to put our self's at risk . So in this instance we have had to put our self's first then the job .

We are hoping being honest and transparent with our clients that you can see where we are coming from, with keeping face coverings part of our salon policy

💐With all this being said please remember to cancel / rearrange your appointment if you have any symptoms of covid or if you are isolating.

💐Any cold symptoms please cancel or if your at the end of a cold please keep your mask on.

💐Please respect other clients and keep your distance when in the salon.

We look forward to seeing you soon love Beccie & Gina

Beccie-Jayne has joined up with Q Cosmetic Beauty Academy to teach, her specialist skill ............ Semi permanent eyelashes.

Gina Collins the founder of Q Cosmetic Beauty Academy has gained over 20 years of experience in the Beauty Training Industry.

 Dates Available For Classic Semi Permanent Individual Lashes 1:1 Application ✨ * Be trained by a eyelash specialist and highly experienced teacher !

Southport and Manchester dates coming up email [email protected]